Whats our Idea of Hen Heaven?

What would be your hen heaven? Everyone is different! I sat down with two of my girlfriends on a girlie night in and the subject arose. Both girls had very different opinions on what would be their hen heaven.

Becca is my extrovert friend! She is a professional dancer and loves being center of attention so no surprise her hen heaven was to be the center of attention for a whole weekend non-stop! Her perfect hen heaven would be a weekend abroad somewhere, her ideal place being Majorca. Beach and shopping filled days with cocktail fueled nights out is Becca’s hen heaven! With a big group of friends and family, in her own words ‘I know a lot of people!’ Lydia on the other hand is the complete opposite to Becca! She is a journalist and although loves a good party, she does not like being the centre of attention! For her, going abroad for her hen party would be hen hell! Her ideal hen heaven would be to rent a cottage in the countryside, with small group of friends and family. She would love a night out as well, don’t get me wrong, but it would be a lot more low key.

Both of them, surprisingly, did agree on some elements of their hen heaven! They both did not want to do any fancy dress! (I disagree as I love a bit of fancy dress!). Both their hen heaven’s did include the classic hen party games though. From the Mr and Mrs quiz to the dares to the banned words game, they wanted them all! I think these games are great for hen parties as they are perfect ice breakers. Hen parties are always a mix of friendship groups and family whether it be a small or large group, so the games are great for everyone to get to know each other and relax so that the fun can begin!

The final thing they both said was key to making their hen heavens would be the element of surprise! They didn’t mind whether the whole hen weekend was a surprise or not but they wanted at least one surprise! so what better surprise than having a dance instructor come and teach your hens a routine whether it be a attention seeking Beyonce single ladies or a sophisticated Charleston, there is something for everyone.

Just between my two friends it proves how different everyone’s hen heaven can be! At High Kick Events we can cater to everyone’s needs.

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