Top 10 Exclusive Hen Party Themes

Are you ready to throw that last bachelorette party to your best friend before you tie the knot? If yes, then it’s time to transform your ordinary hen party into an extraordinary one. Marriage heralds a new era, and why not enter it with a good night of dancing and having fun with all your near and dear ones! Give your best friend that time which she will remember for the rest of her life. There are unlimited options available to you for your bachelorette party themes.

Choose your party theme to reflect your friend’s taste and give her those special moments, which she will cherish and narrate to her children and grandchildren. The party themes can be anything from having lunch or dinner at a restaurant, visiting a spa, racetrack, or watching a movie, to the latest Cambridge hen party ideas. You can also have themed parties such as monochrome, vintage or tea parties.

You should always have a perfect plan before throwing a party. If it is summertime, then go with flowers, colors, and party in the sun. If you are partying in during the winters, then Christmas or monochrome color themes make for the best themes. Then there is another important factor – your budget. Also, if you are planning a fancy dress themed party, then you can cut short on activities. Here are some of the themes suggested for a fun filled hen party:

  1. Neon Glow
    This is a classic theme if your ‘girl’ friend loves vibrant colors and bold fashion styles. How about a short vibrant tutu paired with pink stilettos. Team it up with bold and glow in the dark makeup with dark black eyeliner, bright pink lipstick and some fluorescent accessories. The background of your party should be vibrant as well with neon lamps and other decorations. Tune in to some 80s music and you are ready to go.
  2. Bollywood Hen Party Theme
    Bollywood is the scene of movie making in India. It’s all about larger than life stories, acting, dancing, and singing in extravagant locations. India is known for its diversity, which is captured nicely in Bollywood movies. Look for different Bollywood stars for their exorbitant fashion style. You can get Bollywood dresses from any high street or shop online. From highly modern to colorful saris and lehengas you will have unlimited options for dressing. Go for thumkas, bhangra or dandiyas in your Bollywood hen party with some Indian kebabs in the menu.
  3. Disney Theme
    Every girl is a princess and what a better theme to celebrate her union with her prince. Go for an ‘Alice in wonderland’ type of themes, which have a number of characters and you can also have that great tea party. Or just go for a cartoon theme where your friends can dress up like Minnie Mouse, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Red Riding Hood or Belle.
  4. Island Fever
    This is a perfect theme for some fun in the sun kissed beaches. Depending on the time of year, you can great package deals. Go to Hawaiian Islands and you girls can show up in straw hats, skirts, bikinis, and flower necklaces. Wear some colorful flip flops and you are ready to shake your coconuts in the middle of the sea. You can also dress up like classic Jack Sparrow complete with an eyepatch, captain’s hat, braids and red bandana. What’s more, some of the girls can even be mermaids. If you want some thrill, you can even set up a mystery game to find the hidden treasure.
  5. Glittery Night
    Give your friends a great night out with glitters and sequins, just for the simple reasons that you are born to shine. Go for some sparkling Hollywood glamour party theme with style and elegance in this glitter party. You would have unlimited options with accessories and show the world your style with glittery pumps.
  6. Colorful Hen Party Theme
    Color your bachelorette party with pools of vibrant and bright colors. Fill your life with bold colors like yellow, pink, red, purple, and orance. You can enjoy your drinks with colored faces in the sun. Rain party can be an add on too. It will be colors and water all over your garden place and this will be surely one of your best picturesque moments of your life.
  7. Nautical
    Mantra here is ‘last Sail before the Veil’. Pair a navy blue and white stripy dress with gold accessories and you have achieved a cool nautical look. Wear thigh high stockings, silk bows and a veil with captain’s hat, and top it off with a hot red lipstick. Surprise your girls with some naughty banners and cute nautical themed signs in this nautical themed party. You can also get personalized bachelorette cruise items on an affordable budget.
  8. Cambridge Hen Party Theme
    Cambridge hen parties are increasingly gaining popularity. There is a whole range of affordable hotels for accommodation, to host your hen parties. Other than the usual offerings of cocktail making and dance classes, there are also unique offerings in the form of chauffeured punting tours and picnics. You can also get personalized options for partying, like fun-filled activities and meals. You can start your party with a perfect afternoon tea picnic which includes finger sandwiches, a scone with jam and cream, mini cake, macron, mini cheesecake, and sparkling cordial.
  9. Jungle Hen Party Theme
    If you are a nature lover, then go for jungle themed hen parties. Dress up like animals and go for some high pitched music. Decorate your den with endless options like creepers, waterfalls, leaves and jungle safari party centerpieces. You can dress up like African tribes with drums beating in the background and all you hens can dance around the fire.
  10. Floral Theme
    Flowers are a beautiful way of celebrating. Set up a flower party theme in your backyard with flowers all over the place. You can engage all your friends in making handmade flower crowns. Flaunt your creations in style with surroundings blooming in red, orange and yellow colors.

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