The Secret Of A Successful Hen Party Weekend

What is the secret to a successful hen party weekend? Preparation!

Organising a hen party can be stressful but, by planning and structuring all your hen party ideas beforehand, it’s bound to go off without a hitch! If you’re lucky enough to chosen as the maid of honour, then you’ll want to make sure the bride has the most incredible celebration possible, whilst keeping everyone else happy and having fun. We’ve come up with our top hen party ideas so your hen party will run as smooth as possible…

Before the hen party make sure you:

  • Speak to the hen first. You need to find out what she wants, whether the hen party should be a complete surprise or whether she would like to get involved. Each bride is different, however the key is to listen when she decides on the guest list. Keep an ear out in the run up to the hen party as well – she may have some great hen party ideas too.
  • Communicate! Talk to the hen party guests, and the brides other close friends and family to see if they have any hen party ideas themselves – don’t forget they know her too. They can also help you agree a budget that won’t exclude anyone and save a date.
  • Have an itinerary. This will be your best friend during the hen party and (hopefully) ensure everything will run as smoothly as possible. The itinerary should also make sure that you don’t miss out on taking party in any of the amazing activities you have planned either – no matter how much fizz gets enjoyed on the day!

During the hen party…

Now, we know you will have lots of hen party ideas and will be eager to fit everything in, but this could be your downfall. You need to make sure you factor in some down time. When a hen party lasts more than one day, you’ll have some very tired (and probably grumpy!) hens if you party until 3am and schedule a 7.30 zorbing session the next day! Plus, you need to make sure you give everyone enough time to look fabulous for your night out.

After the hen party…

Keep everyone friendly up to the big day – email all the hens congratulating them on making it a great and memorable hen party weekend. And, for those who helped with the organising and hen party ideas, don’t forget a thank you too.

We’ve given you our secrets, so go out and make this hen party the best one yet!

For a unique hen party idea, why not organise a dance hen party? Based around the theme of your choice, they will tie in well with any great hen party weekend. It’s fun for everyone, and will kick-start the hen party with a bang!

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