Quick Tips On What Makes The Best Hen Do Games

As anyone who has had to plan a hen party knows, they can be stressful at the best of times. With so many options to choose from, and having to come up with the most unique hen ideas, it’s hard to find the right balance of classic hen do games and uniqueness. Naturally, you want to create the most memorable experience for your friends and family as possible. She chose you as her maid of honour, so the pressure is on! As well as the hen loving every moment, you have the added pressure of everyone else attending scrutinizing your every move – especially the ‘why didn’t she chose me’ bridesmaids. You want, need, this hen party to go down as the most memorable ever! At High Kick Events, we feel the most successful hen party ideas are the classics; after all who doesn’t love playing a few cheeky hen do games? Here are a few to get you started:

Banned Words
This is a fun and easy hen do game, and lasts throughout the night! The rules are simple: pick a few words and phrases that are banned for the whole hen party! To add an extra element of excitement, pick common words/phrases that everyone uses – ‘like’, ‘you know’ or even ‘wedding’ or ‘groom’. If anyone slips these words throughout the duration of the hen party, they have to pay with a consequence such as a shot, fine or dare. This is a great hen do game to start any party!

Dress the Bride is another great hen idea.
Split the group into two teams. Set a time limit (to make it really fun make it 5 minutes or less!) and designate a set list of props. The most popular prop in this hen do game is toilet paper, but you could use tin foil or other challenging materials – let your imagine run wild, the possibilities are endless… Best dress wins a prize, and the losers have to face a round of shots.

The question game
A light hearted and hilarious hen do game and a staple of every hen party. The aim of the game is to quiz the bride to see how well she knows her husband-to-be. This is one of the hen do games that requires a bit of homework (and co-operation from the groom!) Devise a list of questions for the bride, and take it in turns to be the interrogator. To really take this game up a notch, have the fellow hen-goers place bets on how many questions the bride to be will get right! A fun hen idea everyone can take part in, and get the drinks flowing!

The classic hen do game! Dares can be as naughty (or nice) as you want. The game is simple; everyone gets a dare or a challenge at the beginning of the night, and the aim is to have completed it by the end! Simple…

The best till last the dance hen party games! This is our speciality and they really do break the ice and kick start the hen party off in style, it’s one of the best hen ideas ever!And don’t forget we’ve saved the best hen ideas till last…

The name game
Gather everyone in a circle and one by one they have to say their name and then their favourite drink. In the next round all the hens have to tell the group a top secret no one else knows. Then, the dancing. One by one, every one shows the rest of the group their signature dancefloor move! But, the secret trick to bring this hen party game to life is has to copy each move! This is sure to get everyone in the hen party sprit!

And finally…

Who doesn’t love a catwalk?
Every girl secretly loves to strut her stuff to her favourite songs. Put on a playlist of girl power songs (we personally love Beyoncé Crazy in Love!) and strike a post down your catwalk in twos! At the side of the catwalk, support your hens by clapping and cheering. Be as inventive or sexy as you like, a great hen idea to get geared up for a night on the dance-floor.

With all these great hen do games, your hen party will go down in hen-history! Remember, the most important thing is that everyone has fun in particular the bride! And you were given the most important of maid of honour roles, to organise the hen party, because you know your hen the best!

High Kick Events can help you plan the ultimate hen party, with the best hen ideas and hen party games – what are you waiting for? Book your dance hen party today!

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