Creative Hen Party Dares – Part 2

Hen parties, also known as hen nights or bachelorettes, have gained popularity in a lot of countries across the globe over the years. Cambridge has slowly become a hub for such hen parties because of the wide variety of options available in terms of venues for throwing the party and the activities to engage in. A hen party is organized to celebrate the ‘freedom’ of the bachelorette one last time.

Organizing a hen night for your best friend is no piece of cake. From deciding the budget to preparing the guest list, to finalizing the venue to the theme: everything requires a lot of thought! But, it is the hen party dares that really get the ball rolling. They are not just fun to do (and even entertaining watch!), but are also a brilliant way to make your hen party unforgettable, fun-filled and downright amazing!

Some of the all-time favorite hen party dares and games that are definitely going to add fun and spice to your bachelorette and up its glam and excitement quotient! Truth and dare is one of the obvious choices for such a party. Spice up the game with interesting dares and naughty questions and funny punishments! Given the nature of the party, you can go all out, no one will mind. Everyone is out to have fun and they are expecting the unexpected. Here is some help and once the party starts, ideas will start pouring in themselves. Everyone gets creative, when they are having fun.

  1. Kiss every girl who is wearing a blue dress
  2. Down a pint of beer in one!
  3. Persuade a stranger to buy you a drink
  4. Stand at the door and greet every person who walks in for the next half an hour
  5. Gulp down 3 shots of tequila and 2 shots of vodka without any break between the shots.
  6. Exchange a piece of your clothing with a man’s!
  7. Tattoo your name on a woman’s wrist with a permanent marker.
  8. Stand on a chair whilst the others in the group decide on animal impressions
  9. Give your ex a call and tell him what an idiot he is!
  10. Get the phone number of a man whose name begins with a chosen letter of the alphabet
  11. Say ‘’I love you’’ to the person you hate the most.
  12. Convince a man that you used to be a bloke
  13. Pole dance!
  14. Approach a stranger and insist that you know each other well
  15. Collect a man’s sock
  16. Take a photograph with a stranger and instantly upload it on Instagram with a hilarious caption
  17. Act out a scene from any of your favorite movies in groups of 3
  18. Share the most embarrassing incident of your life out loud
  19. Kiss the doorman!
  20. Convince the barman to give you a free drink
  21. Ask a person of the same gender to dance with you
  22. Approach the person who is wearing the best fragrance in the room and sniff like a dog
  23. Ask a stranger to pose with you for a photograph without his shirt/t-shirt!
  24. Get as many guys’ phone numbers as you can in less than 5 minutes.
  25. Dance like a robot for the next 10 minutes
  26. Approach a stranger and act like a zombie
  27. Sing any one of your favorite songs at the top of your voice.

A combination of dares and equally interesting and exciting games is one of the ingredients that make a hen party a night to remember! So how can we miss out on the hen party games.

Hen Party Games

  1. The Question Game: Light-hearted but hilarious, the game is incomplete and impossible to pull off without the groom-to-be! The aim of the game is to ‘test’ the bride to see just how well she knows her future husband. With the co-operation of the groom, prepare a set of questions to ask her about him. You can step this up a notch by having guests wager bets on how many questions the bride will get right. Decide punishments and penalties for every wrong answer given by the bride and let the booze flow!
  2. A Walk Down Memory Lane:  An extremely cute game that is bound to give you bouts of nostalgia! Ask all the bride-to-be’s friends to share some of their cutest and most memorable instances and experiences with her.
  3. Banned Words: Simply put, the game revolves around selecting a few commonly used words and banning them! No one present in the party will be allowed to utter any of the banned words and any one found uttering those words would be fined on the spot.
  4. Never Say Never: The game is a huge hit and an instant ice-breaker. Everyone sits in a circle and the first person starts with uttering a true statement, for example, “I have never made out in a train before”. Every person who has done whatever the person says is required to drink and so on.
  5. Post a note: Every person is required to write a short sentence about the bride-to-be: the sentence can be anything ranging from an adjective that best describes her or a memory they have of/with her. Once everyone is finished, all the notes will be put in a bowl and then the bride-to-be picks them out one by one. She then has to read them aloud and is required to guess who wrote which one!
  6. Pass the parcel- Just like the game you played when you were a kid, this variant of our favorite childhood game steps it up a notch with some naughty prizes, dares and challenges. Spice it up by adding embarrassing dares like kissing a stranger and twerking like Miley Cyrus!

With this list of dares and games, your hen party is bound to be a party to remember and your guests are going to have a ball!

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