Diy Budget Hen Weekend

Having organised more hen weekends over the past 5 years than you could possibly imagine I thought organising a hen weekend for one of my closest friends would be easy… I mean this is my job, it’s what I do best. However, the pressure I felt was unbelievable. Rest assured when you are planning your hen weekend though, the reward when the party went well was the most unbelievable feeling and completely outweighed the pressure!

The hen weekend for my friend also had a strict budget. Although some people may see this as limiting, it meant I could get creative! Check out my top tips for a DIY budget Hen Weekend:

  1. Add up every single cost of the hen weekend. Don’t forget to include even the smallest of details, including the 5 minute taxi rides because the shoes are too high and the 3am food stops! From personal experience from I organising numerous hen weekends, there can be awkwardness around money, so by planning the budget upfront and getting your hens to pay at the beginning there is no awkwardness. Include in the budget a kitty for all the alcohol as well as food etc., don’t forget you can always divide up the leftover money at the end of the hen weekend. Everyone will relax more having a fantastic without money worries, I guarantee it!
  2. My second top tip is to book a self-catered house/flat/cottage. For a DIY hen weekend on a budget, this is ideal. You plan all the food in advance (and who doesn’t love perusing the party food isle?!), as well thinking up some home-based fun! Don’t forget to work out your budget per head for food though but remember a BBQ lunch on Saturday is a lot cheaper than going out to a local pub and breakfast the next morning to nurse all those hangovers can be made yourself (depending on the hangover…). Homemade afternoon tea on a Sunday afternoon is much more relaxed at home, and pre-drinks on Saturday night is a must. You also all get a shared place to hang out – never underestimate the down time at a hen party. With a hectic hen weekend it’s great to have time to just hang out with the girls and chat and play games (and the all-important pre-night nap that everyone needs to party all night long).
  3. My final great tip for a DIY budget hen weekend is lots of games. These are extremely fun and budget friendly! It can also be cheaper to get activities to come to you; for example High Kick Events can provide an instructor to come to you and give all your hens a unique, unforgettable 2 hour dance experience. At High Kick Events we like to make sure your hen party is the best possible so have prices for all budgets.

My last piece of advice to you is to have everything on spreadsheets…they saved my life! Everything is planned, it’s easy to change and you can see exactly what you are spending and keep within budget.

My hen weekend turned out amazing and we all had a great time, and I’m sure yours will too. Follow our top tips and, for more help with organising your Hen Weekend contact us here at High Kick Events.

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