How To Be The Best Maid Of Honour

Being a Maid of Honour means that you are ‘the’ friend of the bride that she trusts the most. She not only wants you by her side on her big day, but wants you to be an active part of it. So, the honour of being a Maid of Honour brings a lot of responsibilities with it too. You have to plan everything before the wedding day, from arranging pre-wedding parties, becoming the shopping partner, to being the emotional pillar before, during and after the wedding. Here are a few points that will help you become the best Maid of Honour to your special friend.
Be Enthusiastic

The wedding day is one of the most important days in anyone’s life. Each bride dreams of the day, and has some expectations from her bridesmaids and, especially, her Maid of Honour. The Maid of Honour should understand the bride’s vision of her wedding day. A Maid of Honour should plan some one-to-one meetings before the wedding, where she can talk with the bride and understand her tastes better. She should be supportive and enthusiastic for the bride. They should ensure that if anything goes wrong during or before the wedding, then there is a plan B to fall back on. A Maid of Honour should ensure that she takes care of the wedding preparations and not really go to the bride for small issues. It is her duty to keep the bride calm and happy during these days and take all the load off her shoulders.

Organize a Hen Party
This is last time for a bride to party as a bachelorette, and this has to be a memorable evening. The Maid of Honour should talk with the bride about what kind of hen party she has in mind. Is she thinking about a cambridge garden tea party with her mother and grandma or she wants a themed party with loud music? Also, if a Maid of Honour does not know the bridesmaids very well, then planning this party can be a great excuse to mingle with each other and plan a great bachelorette.

Be Assertive
The Bride wants their Maid of Honour to be honest with them. If they hate her dress, then they should tell her that at the very beginning. They should also help the bride select all of her makeup and accessories for her big day.

Make time
It will be difficult for a Maid of Honour to be present at all appointments. However, they should offer a visit whenever possible. Even if it’s not possible, the bride will feel cared for by an offer. The Maid of Honour can help in selecting everything from the bride’s dress to flowers, decorations, food and many other things. She should accompany the bride in selecting bridesmaid dresses and coordinate with the groomsmen.

Moral support
It is the duty of a Maid of Honour to be emotionally present for the bride all the times. Days before the wedding can be stressful; the Maid of Honour should ensure that the bride is not losing nerves at crucial moments. They should call her periodically to check her well being and make sure that everything is going as planned.

Wedding Day Duties
It’s the duty of the Maid of Honour to be at the arm’s reach of the bride. She will be comforted by her presence and if she needs anything from a tissue to champagne, a Maid of Honour should be right by her side. The Maid of Honour should also ensure that all the bridesmaids know their places. All the bridesmaids should have information about their duties throughout the wedding day. The bride should not be the one answering everyone’s questions about cake cutting and all the other programmes. It’s the duty of the Maid of Honour. They should also try to avoid stressing out the bride. On the day of the wedding, it is quite common for the guests to want to see the bride. The Maid of Honour should anticipate this and if there is someone who can stress out the bride, then make sure they meet the bride only when she is ready to see and reciprocate their sentiments.

The Maid of Honour can also take control of the bride’s phone. Every bride might not be comfortable with the idea of giving away her phone. So, tread carefully. The Maid of Honour should play the job of a timekeeper and hold the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s ring during the vows.

Reception Speech
Rock that speech. The Maid of Honour should avoid making jokes about the bride on the day of her wedding. Funny anecdotes are welcome though. Try to focus more on how the bride and groom met, their love story and how that relationship culminated into the beautiful wedding. They shouldn’t try to wing off their speech. The Maid of Honour can have a glass or two of champagne to put their nerves to rest, but they should not binge drink.

Once the wedding is over, the pressure will ease out. The Maid of Honour can now enjoy. But there are a few things to wrap up. The Maid of Honour should make it a point to collect all the gifts and stock them in the designated place. They should also make sure that the bride and groom eat something after their wedding. It’s quite common that the bride and groom do not get to eat at all during their reception. Arrange for their food and make sure that they eat something. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and now relax a little.
A Maid of Honour has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. But, seeing the smile on the face of your friend, who trusted you with her most important day is certainly worth it. Being the perfect Maid of Honour is probably the best gift you can get for your friend’s wedding. Make sure you make her a happy bride!

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